Producers FAQ

What are APTN’s programming themes?

In the traditions of our people, APTN’s programming will explore:

The stories of our people, past, present and future

Journeys that reflect Indigenous concepts of hope, struggle, wholeness, history, healing, relationships, family, traditions and more

The celebration of accomplishments, healing, culture, dance, sports, achievement, and survival

Unity and diversity amongst Indigenous peoples. Issues of our fellow Indigenous people in other countries including their hopes, dreams and struggles

Stories that celebrate our diverse approaches to spirituality, both traditional and contemporary

What denotes an Indigenous production?

Please see Development & Licensing Eligibility Guidelines for more information.

What kinds of productions are being looked at?

Please see Programming Criteria for more information and contact your Manager of Programming that represents your region. Please visit the APTN Where to Submit Proposal section for contact information.

When should I send my proposal?

APTN issues a Request for Proposals for First Window licenses; timelines for proposal submissions will be outlined in this document; please consult the First Window Licensing Pitch Process page for further information. Development and 2nd window proposals are accepted throughout the year. See Development Pitch Process and Second Window Licensing Pitch Process for more information. We also encourage everyone to sign up for the e-sharing notices. Visit the E-Sharing for more information.

Does my program need to be closed-captioned or subtitled?

In accordance with our CRTC license, APTN requires closed captioning for the hearing impaired on all English and French language programming. APTN will require programs in Indigenous languages to be subtitled in either French or English.

Does my program need to have Descriptive Video?

Descriptive Video is mandatory for English and French programs under the following CRTC program categories: 2(b) long form doc; 7 drama and comedy; 9 variety; 11(a) general entertainment & human interest; 11(b) reality TV, and / or programming targeting children.

Should I include an Indigenous language version in my budget?

Producers are encouraged to budget for versioning of their program into Indigenous language(s). Versioning should use translation and dubbing.
English or French language segments (if any) in the Indigenous-language version are to be translated and delivered with Indigenous-language voice over.
Indigenous language programs will also require English Subtitles and English Described Video. Dubbing: where actor voice overs (in the new Indigenous language(s).) are recorded over the original audio track which can be heard in the background.

For financial assistance with versioning of previously broadcast Programs, please visit

How do I submit a proposal and what should it include?

Please visit Independent Productions for further information on submitting a proposal to APTN.

What about completed projects for acquisitions?

Absolutely! For more information on acquisitions, please visit the Acquisitions page.

How do I appeal an APTN Programming Decision?

Producers are entitled to appeal APTN programming decisions on the basis that APTN procedures and/or policies were not followed. Simple disagreement over the merit of a proposal shall not be the basis of an appeal. For more information please write us at