First Window Licensing Pitch Process

APTN Programming will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) with the intent of seeking innovative, quality programming proposals relevant to APTN’s Programming Mission from qualified Producers.

APTN will only accept First Window proposals within the time frame outlined in a RFP. First Window proposals that are received after an RFP deadline will not be eligible for selection.

Proposals must be sent to the attention of the Manager of Programming that represents your region. Please visit the APTN Where to Submit Proposal section for contact information.

Only completed proposals along with a signed copy of the APTN Proposal Submission Agreement  it will be acknowledged and reviewed by a member of our Programming Department. Following the initial review and if a program proposal meets our standards, eligibility and priorities it is then reviewed by the Programming Committee.

Producers can expect a response within six to eight weeks from the RFP closing date. If there is interest in a project, the producer will be contacted for further discussion and refinement of the program proposal. Producers will be contacted should additional material be necessary or desirable in order to make a full and proper assessment.

If your submission is not selected during the 10 week review period, it is deemed withdrawn and we will not have any rights or claims to your submission. We do not retain copies of your submission and it will be returned to you or deleted. Hardcopy submissions will be returned if you provide us with a stamped self-addressed envelope; otherwise, it will be shredded. Electronic submissions will be deleted from our system.