Development & Licensing Rating Criteria

Proposals are also rated upon (but not limited to) the following criteria and conditions:

  • High Definition – all proposals must include HD delivery of program masters
  • Digital media – proposals must include plans for web development or other media outlets such as podcasting and video on-demand
  • Canadian source (please note that for any licensed program APTN will require a CRTC Certificate of Canadian Program Certification (no CAVCO) for all programs over 5 minutes in duration)
  • Creative content including originality, production value, track record of creative team
  • Level of Indigenous participation
    • Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Principal Writer
    • Crew
    • Talent
  • Indigenous mentorship/training commitments
  • Number and value of licenses previously granted
  • Secured funding
  • Shelf life
  • APTN window
  • Production schedule (target availability for broadcast)
  • Primary and Secondary Audience
    • National
    • Regional
  • Language – As a condition of its license, APTN has committed to broadcasting a significant amount of programming that originates in an Indigenous language. Special consideration will be extended to proposals that originate in an Indigenous language. Projects that aim at delivering in the following Indigenous languages will rate higher in APTN’s review process: Algonquin, Atikamekw, Coast Salish, Dene, Innu, Mechif, Mi’kmaq, Mohawk, Oji-Cree, Ojibway, Southern Tutchone.
  • Versioning in one or more languages including an Indigenous language, English and/or French are a key element of the mandate and mission of APTN. Proposals that will version in additional languages will be given increased consideration.

Proposals are evaluated on many criteria, including the vision of APTN; our desire to attract and engage our audience; the terms of our license with the CRTC; the finite financial resources of the network; the quality of the proposal; and the credentials of the production team.

APTN receives more than 250 television proposals, as well as a similar number of Digital Media project proposals each year and is only able to proceed with a small number of these. A rejection of your proposal is not always a creative judgment on your work but merely a reflection of how much we can commit to at any given time.