Executive Director of Programming and Scheduling,

Commissioning Independent Productions and Acquisitions

APTN is pleased to offer this section as a source of information for producers of Indigenous content. The links to the site will provide an overview of APTN programming priorities and processes that we hope will ultimately provide APTN with innovative proposals to contribute to its programming schedule.


Let’s develop a relationship!

APTN Programming wants to be involved in the development stage of all projects that will be considered for first window licencing and our goal for Fall 2017 is to only commission projects that have had a successful development relationship with APTN.

APTN is looking to develop bold and unique ideas. Got an exciting and entertaining story to tell? Then we want it. We love complicated and compelling characters just like you and we want to watch them stumble and grow on APTN. The environment and setting can be anywhere, provided the storyline and production follow Canadian content regulations. If the characters and themes are strong, we want to hear about them!
We’re in the industry to produce and broadcast high quality and distinctive programming that reflects Indigenous perspectives, but also to share our stories in a manner that appeals to the rest of Canada and beyond. We can’t stress enough the importance of development. Our programming team seeks to develop programs that are head-turning and eye-popping!

If you have an idea for a program that is not in a CMF-eligible genre, you will need to look into different financing scenarios during your development stage, as APTN will not cover the total cost of production for any program.

APTN’s development process is selective, and we are only able to proceed with a number of the many proposals we receive each year. A rejection of your proposal is not always a creative judgement on the work, it can be based on our programming and scheduling needs (does your concept fit within our future broadcast plans) or merely a reflection of how much APTN can commit to at any given time.
When submitting a developed program for potential licencing, please remember that the selection process for licensing is competitive, and we are able to greenlight only a select number of new programs: not all previously-developed projects can be supported.