Call For Indigenous Film and Television Cast/Crew

Deadline: June 22, 2018

APTN is creating a database of Indigenous film and television talent (i.e. actors, directors, crew, designers, etc.).

The purpose of this database is to connect various production companies, agencies, and/or individuals with other Indigenous individuals and/or companies working within the film and television industry in Canada.

To gather content for this database, we have created a fillable form. This form will ask for details including, but not limited to, your preferred name, home address, and relevant skills and credentials. Your home address will not be shared nor available for public view/use. Any information shared with APTN is optional and may be rescinded or updated at any time at your request. We also expect this information to help demonstrate the increasing presence of our Indigenous production sector and allow all the funding agencies to better appreciate the need for support and opportunities. The information will also be shared with the newly formed Indigenous Screen Office as this responsibility is expected to flow to them in the future. APTN has assumed the cost of creating this database in order to get it off the ground and in the field in a timely fashion.

If you would like to participate, download and complete the Indigenous Contributor Form and return it to We also encourage you to share the link for this page much as possible with friends, family and others you know in the production community to ensure we generate a list truly reflective of the talent and depth of our expertise and capabilities.

For more information contact:
Phay Gagnon
APTN Indigenous Cast & Crew Database Coordinator