Tell me more about APTN?

September 1, 2014, marked the 15-year anniversary of the launch of the first national Aboriginal television network in the world with programming by, for and about Aboriginal Peoples to share with all Canadians and viewers around the world. APTN is available in approximately 10 million Canadian households and commercial establishments. The network launched its high definition channel, APTN HD, in the spring of 2008. APTN does not receive government funding for operations but generates revenue through subscriber fees, advertising sales and strategic partnerships. APTN broadcasts programming with 56% offered in English, 16% in French and 28% in Aboriginal languages. Visit APTN’s website to access programming schedules, full online episodes and the latest stories from APTN National News. For more information on the network, please contact us at (204) 947-9331, toll-free at 1-888-278-8862, or visit our corporate website.

What does APTN’s logo represent?

APTN’s logo represents an Aboriginal cultural identity. It has a number of elements that different people may see and those unique interpretations add to the layers of the logo. The elements you may notice include:

• The eye: APTN is an “eye” to the Aboriginal world that provides a new “perspective” of the world; and
• The person could symbolize a dancer or any person in motion, who is holding up the earth/the sun, which represents oneness or closeness with the land.

What is APTN’s main switchboard number?

For APTN’s contact information, see our contact page.

How do I mail or email my favourite APTN personalities?

Send your mail to:
339 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2C3

Email: info@aptn.ca

How do I get a tour of APTN?

Contact APTN’s Audience Relations Coordinator at info@aptn.ca or toll free at 1-888-330-2786.

Where can I purchase APTN merchandise?

APTN is in the process of creating an online store. Please email merchandise@aptn.ca for all your APTN merchandise requests.

Who do I contact about a partnership/sponsorship with APTN?

Please mail or email APTN’s Sponsorship and Public Relations Coordinator.

Mail your requests to:
Sponsorship and Public Relations Coordinator
339 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2C3

Email: brockthunder@aptn.ca

Who do I contact to report issues about your website?

Please contact info@aptn.ca.

What is your website copyright policy?

Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, sale, distribution, performance, display or exploitation of this website or its materials, whether in whole or in part, without the express written permission of APTN is strictly prohibited.

Where can I submit my music and press package for your consideration?

APTN acquires most of its programming through independent Aboriginal producers/production companies. Your best bet is to directly contact the producer of the show that you would like your music to be featured in.

I would like to share my opinions with APTN regarding the messages it sends out and its programming. How can I do that?

You can join the APTN Insider Panel. Visit the APTN Insiders webpage and fill out a short survey to find out if you qualify.
You can also email your feedback to info@aptn.ca, or call our toll-free viewer information line at 1-888-330-2786.

I would like to work at APTN. What positions are available? How can I apply?

Visit our careers section for a list of current job opportunities.


When is my favourite program coming back?  What time will it air?

Please check our schedule for the most up-to-date programming information.

How often is the scheduling information on your website updated?

The scheduling information on our website is updated regularly.

• The network’s online schedule is updated weekly or as needed.
• The PDF version of the schedule is updated monthly.
• The network’s programs/shows are updated seasonally.

I missed an episode of my favourite show, where can I catch up?

Visit our website to view full episodes. Please note that not all show broadcasts are available online and that some of our programming only has national rights. As a result, some shows will not be available outside Canada.

What programs are available to watch online?

APTN has a wide range of programming available online: full episodes, live events (e.g. Aboriginal Day Live), live news and current affairs (e.g. elections, town halls, to name a few) and our national news programs.

When are full episodes available for viewing?

The time frame varies from program to program but most content appears online within 24 hours after it airs. New content is added daily, visit full episodes for the latest.

How long are videos available online?

Availability varies from program to program.

Why isn’t my favourite program available online?

APTN doesn’t always have the rights to stream our shows online but we strive to provide the best programming possible. For a list of available shows, please see full episodes.

Can I watch online episodes outside of Canada?

APTN is committed to making our programming available worldwide; however, international streaming rights are not currently available for all programs. As a result, some series are available only to viewers in Canada. We want to share our stories with the world and are continuing to work towards making this happen.

Why can’t I watch my favourite program in HD?

This may be for a couple of reasons. The program may not be produced in HD, or the channel you are watching may not have the capability to broadcast in HD.

Does APTN air programs with descriptive video (DV)?

APTN airs many programs with DV such as Blackstone, Arctic Air, Caution: May Contain Nuts and many more. See our online schedule for shows marked with the DV icon.

How do I get a copy of a show I saw on APTN?

With the exception of APTN National News, APTN does not hold the distribution rights for programs we air. To order a copy, please contact the producer of the show. 

Visit APTN National News online to watch full newscasts, special reports, news stories and more.

How do I find more information about a guest I saw on APTN?

Contact APTN’s Audience Relations Coordinator at info@aptn.ca or toll free at 1-888-330-2786.

How can I get on one of your shows?

Most of APTN’s programming is acquired through independent Aboriginal producers/production companies. We do not have much influence on the talent they choose.

Adults who wish to gain experience as actors can seek acting coaches or become involved with local theatre productions.

Parents interested in having their child pursue acting may wish to research schools specializing in the performing arts. Depending on the child’s age, it is a good idea to become involved in drama or school productions. You may also wish to contact a local talent agency as they may be able to offer you advice.

I have an idea for a documentary/show, who should I speak to about my idea?

APTN acquires most of its programming from independent Aboriginal producers/production companies, except for APTN National News. We encourage you to contact producers or talent agencies to pitch your idea.

I’m a producer. How do I submit a project for your consideration?

Consult the producers section of our corporate website for an overview of APTN programming priorities and the proposal process.


How do I contact APTN National News, APTN Investigates, APTN InFocus, Nation to Nation, Face to Face, and Laughing Drum?

By email: news@aptn.ca or investigates@aptn.ca
On the web: http://aptn.ca/news/send-your-comments/
By mail: 339 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2C3
By phone: 1-888-330-2786

I have a press release or news tip, where should I send it?

All news tips and press releases can be emailed to news@aptn.ca.

I’m a producer/educator/filmmaker and would like to request APTN National News footage, who do I contact?

To obtain APTN National News footage, a formal letter of request (on letterhead) must be submitted. The letter should include the time and date the footage aired, a brief bio of the person who wishes to use it, a pitch or synopsis of the project and a description of how the footage will be used. Please also provide telephone contact information and a deadline for follow-up. If approved, APTN must be credited, the footage must be used in context and the network’s logo must be present.

Submit your request to:
Director of News and Current Affairs
339 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB  R3B 2C3

Email: info@aptn.ca

Where do the hosts of APTN National News buy their clothes?

APTN National News hosts provide their own clothing.


Where do I find APTN on Shaw, Bell, Express VU, or other broadcasters?

APTN is part of your basic cable/satellite package. Please check your provider’s website for their channel lineup.

Why is the programming different in my community as compared to a community in a different part of Canada?

APTN broadcasts on four feeds: APTN HD, APTN East, APTN West and APTN North.

APTN HD is broadcast over a single feed to subscribers across Canada and is based on Eastern Standard Time (ET). Distributers include Aliant, Bell ExpressVU, CityWest Cable and Telephone, COGECO Cable Inc., Delta Cable, Eastlink, MTS, Northwestel Cable, Rogers Cable TV, Sasktel, TELUS and TELUS Satellite.

APTN East extends from Ontario to Newfoundland and is based on Eastern Standard Time (ET).  The exception is SHAW customers in the East who will receive APTN West.

APTN West extends from British Columbia to Manitoba and is based on Mountain Standard Time (MT). The exception is Bell customers in the West who will receive APTN East.

APTN North includes the provinces across Canada north of 60 (Yukon through to Labrador) and is based on Central Standard Time (CT).

APTN’s Live Programming is broadcast without a time delay based on Eastern Standard Time – for example, a LIVE program airing at 9:00 p.m. ET in Toronto will be seen live at 6:00 p.m. PT in Vancouver, 7:00 p.m. MT in Calgary, and 8:00 p.m. CT in Winnipeg.

Who can I contact if I am experiencing audio/video problems on APTN?

Please forward your concern to info@aptn.ca so the network’s broadcast ethnologists can investigate. In the meantime, you may want to contact your local cable company as the problem may be linked with their service.

Is APTN available in the U.S.?

At this time, APTN only holds the rights to distribute programming in Canada and is not legally permitted to broadcast into the United States. You may view some of our programs online by visiting our full episodes page. Please note that not all of the online episodes are available in the U.S. as we only have national rights.


Why are some contests only open to a specific province or region of Canada?

There are practical, legal, and sponsor-related limitations at times which restrict contest entry and participation to a specific locality and region.

Why are some contests not open to Québec residents?

Due to restrictions imposed by the Québec Régie des alcools des courses et des jeux, we are unable to extend participation in all contests to residents of Québec.

What can I do if I’m having technical difficulties with an APTN contest?

Please send an e-mail to info@aptn.ca that outlines the nature of the issue, what kind of computer, internet browser and connection speed you are using. We will address your technical problem and contact you if we have any questions that will assist us in further investigating the issue.


Tell me more about Aboriginal Day Live & Celebration.

Aboriginal Day Live & Celebration, an annual celebration of Canada’s National Aboriginal Day and the summer solstice, has been delighting audiences since 2007. The event features some of the most accomplished Indigenous musicians, including award-winning and up-and-coming artists; it showcases talent from all genres, regions and nations; and ensures the recognition and inclusion of all First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples.

It debuted in a park outside APTN’s headquarters in downtown Winnipeg and moved to the historical Forks site in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The celebration quickly evolved to include twin stage performances from different locations across the country. Aboriginal Day Live & Celebration has grown year to year and continues to expand its grassroots reach to Aboriginal communities nationwide.

For more information, please visit the Aboriginal Day Live & Celebration website.

I am a musician and would like to perform on APTN’s Aboriginal Day Live, who should I send my demo and bio to?

Send your press package to:
339 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB   R2B 2C3
Attention: Audience Relations Coordinator

Email: info@aptn.ca
Please note that our lineup of performing artists is confirmed months in advance.

What were the Aboriginal Day Live & Celebration attendance numbers for the event at The Forks in Winnipeg? [Celebration|Live concert|Fireworks]

• 2013 20,000 – 40,000 throughout the day
• 2012 35,000
• 2011 30,000
• 2010 25,000
• 2009 25,000
• 2008 20,000
• 2007 500 – 600 (was only a one hour live show)

What cities have hosted the Aboriginal Day Live & Celebration twin stage?

• 2008 Yellowknife, NWT
• 2009 Whitehorse, YT
• 2010 Ottawa, ON
• 2011 No satellite stage
• 2012 Regina, SK
• 2013 Iqaluit, NT
• 2014 Halifax, NS


Winnipeg – Head Office

339 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2C3
P: 1.204.947.9331
F: 1.204.947.4829
Toll-free: 1.888.278.8862
Viewer Inquiries: 1.888.330.2786 or info@aptn.ca