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Adam Beach
Adam Beach is a TV and film actor best known for his role in Smoke Signals and the Oscar-nominated Clint Eastwood drama Flags of Our Fathers. He has appeared in over 60 films and TV programs to date. Meet the artist who will be the host for the rest of the Catch The Dream series.

Buffy Sainte-Marie
Buffy Sainte-Marie is a world-renowned musician, activist, Oscar-winning actress and multimedia artist. She is a living legend and holds a doctorate in education. Travel with her 2013 tour and journey on the tour bus with her and her talented band as she revisits the land of her birth and ignites a whole new generation of fans!

Jordan Nolan
Jordan Nolan is an NHL ice hockey player, and the son of Ted Nolan, a former NHL player and coach. Jordan has won the Stanley Cup with the NHL team the L.A. Kings. This is both an amazing achievement for him and a fulfilment of his father’s life-long dream. Feel the pride and excitement as the Stanley Cup makes its first appearance on Indian land where the game first came from.

Ashley Callingbull
Ashley Callingbull is a motivational speaker, volunteer, and actor, best known for her role on APTN’s Blackstone. Proud of her Cree First Nation heritage, she is an inspiration to her community, and to youth in general. She was also second runner up to Miss Universe Canada in 2010. Travel with Ashley to Calgary’s We Event, speaking alongside Martin Sheen, Justin Trudeau and many others for a youth audience of 18,000.

Michelle Thrush
Michelle Thrush is a Gemini-winning actress who has been seen acting alongside of Johnny Depp and many others in numerous feature films. She is one of the stars of APTN’s Blackstone series and is known for her role in Jim Jarmush’s Dead Man. Visit her at home in the Alberta foothills and on set with Benicio del Toro filming Jimmy P: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian.

Stevie Salas
Stevie Salas was named by Guitar Player Magazine as one of the top 50 guitarists of all time. He has sold over two million solo albums around the world and has performed with the likes of the Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart. In 2009 Stevie received the Native American Lifetime Achievement Award. See him at Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC to see him at work and Aboriginal Day in Regina to hear him play!