Blackstone | Season 2


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Season 2

Episode 201 – Blood is Thicker than Water

Water problems on Blackstone threaten to expose Andy while the community deals with widespread sickness.

Episode 202 – By Their Sins

The police arrive on Andy’s doorstep with questions about a missing woman; meanwhile Child Services visits Blackstone.

Episode 203 – A Girl Walks Into a Bar

Gail grapples with self-control after an explosive visit to a foster home. Alan conceals his new job in the city.

Episode 204 – 50/50

Andy schools Walt in the art of business while Gail visits her estranged mother about Leona’s illness.

Episode 205 – Hitchin

Daryl takes matters into his own hands when rumours begin to threaten his business. Tracey sees her day in court and struggles to live up to her promises.

Episode 206 – Forgiveness

Alan finally confronts Andy about his indiscretions and Leona gets a visit from an unwelcome guest.

Episode 207 – I’m Not a Racist

Leona fights to get media attention for a missing Aboriginal woman, while the excavation of the dump moves forward.

Episode 208 – Human

Andy is faced with losing everything when a body is discovered in a Blackstone dump.