Arctic Air | Season 1


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Season 1

Episode 1 — Out Of A Clear Blue Sky
Bobby’s return to Yellowknife leaves him torn between money and old friendships, while a dangerous storm forces Mel to ditch his plane in the middle of nowhere.

Episode 2 — All In
Bobby gambles Mel’s plane in a high-stakes poker game while Krista’s pilot skills are put to the test when the DC-3 runs out of fuel at 5,000 feet.

Episode 3 — Hijacked
While flying rig workers down for a weekend in YK, an Arctic Air flight is hijacked.

Episode 4 — All The Vital Things
Bobby lies to gain the trust of a Dene elder and friend of his father, but when tragedy strikes, Bobby must trust the elder with his own life.

Episode 5 — Northern Lights
A drug overdose in a remote community leads Bobby and Mel to a disturbing discovery about Arctic Air’s involvement.

Episode 6 — CTVAK
Desperate to find out how his father died, Bobby makes a reckless decision, putting Cece’s life at risk.

Episode 7 — Vancouver Is Such A Screwed-Up City
Bobby’s old life in Vancouver comes back to haunt him when he travels south with Mel and Krista to buy a new plane.

Episode 8 — The Professional
Bobby and Mel fight to protect Nelson from a hitman.

Episode 9 — New North
Arctic Air gets more than it bargained for when Bobby convinces his high-rolling college roommate to invest in the company.

Episode 10 — Drop in For Lunch
A routine flight from Watson Lake to Yellowknife turns deadly.